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 A story of youth touched the light

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مُساهمةموضوع: A story of youth touched the light   الثلاثاء أغسطس 30, 2011 7:08 am

A story of youth touched the light

no one can deny that the youth is the backbone of any nation and it's affective part they represent it's heart,hand & brain who build,grow & produce . this youth allover the world proved to deserve our attention and respect that is supposed to be but in our modern age all the world look to the youth particularly in our Arab world as toys for the government ,as meaningless youth without any goals or aspirations . but in Egypt the youth proved that they are candles or stars that light us and lead us to the mazing future .Despite our all imaginations for this youth they were brave,powerful,wise & fulled of ambitions to lead a decent free life.
let's start our story .......... on the Internet on the website "facebook" the Egyptian youth connected to each other & decided to make a revolution as a step for changing their country's current system &it's leaders. although it was just a thought they began to collect themselves to start their huge step for the change . after chatting & planning they decided to begin their journey from El-tahrir square .
the though became action the action became revolution the revolution became fit that ousted the reins of power in Egypt .
In details,when the demonstrators came out to El_tahrir square men in chairs thought that was a joke & a funny one they began with fake bullets to fear the demonstrators but the joke was that they didn't fear but became stronger than before and than ever. they stood holding faith & hope but the men in chairs refused to be threw out like rats by some meaningless youth as they though .they tried to punish the demonstrators even to kill them but the youth proved their power . their was a huge war between the youth and the great whales. although martyrs fell but the credibility of the revolution was bigger than any thing it was motivation that erupted in people's chest after a storm lasted for couple months the system broke down &the whales sank in the flood.
In the end there were losses "martyrs ,orphans ,widows " but also we gained our selves ,we discovered what we can do & make ,we proved to be the greatest youth & soldiers ,we touched our sun for the first time.
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A story of youth touched the light
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